How To Take Care Of Your Beard

bearded manIt’s a right of passage. Growing facial hair is something every man is going to do in his lifetime- whether it’s only once or several times. Mustaches and beards take on forms that are never-ending. How yours grow can speak volumes about you. It does not matter if it is long and shaggy or short and trimming.

Beard Style

Now, there are many things that you should now about your facial hair style. There are eight face contours for guys. Determining your face shape can help you choose the beard style that brings out your best, manliest features. Focus on what is appropriate and what gives you a proper look.

Knowing your face shape, you can determine what design you would like, the length, shape, and amount of area you wish to cover. Don’t forget, what you pick will say a lot about you – whether you need it. Should you work in an office, with clients or attend meetings, make sure to keep yourself well coiffed. Even robust looks could be pulled off in a professional manner. You can always try the beardilizer test to see where you fit.

Beards are statements all on their own. Short (presume 5 o’clock shadow) beards can be robust, yet trim and well-put together. More beards too, when well preserved can be dignified. Mustaches and goatees may be what you want, for all those searching for something a little more subtle. Whether you wish to portray yourself as arty, trendy, sexy or a little of each, these sorts of styles are simple to experiment with.

Beard Care

There aren’t many things which will turn off a woman faster than food hanging from your facial hair. By using excellent beard care products remember still, you always need to have a great looking beard. Those who are used to having a beard do not think twice about it. Keeping clean and tidy is nearly second nature. For you newbies out there, be sure to wipe your mouth using a napkin after you eat.

Watch the video below to see four tips on taking care of your beard.